Basa Basi Beneran Basi

Some of, after knowing that the second one as the same as the first one, they say congratulation then “make the third, who knows it will be a boy”

If only they knew that the last operation is not my first or second one, they will just keep silent.

I’ve been lying down in operation room for four times. And thats realy enough for me. Two of them in GA, it means i slept. The other one, SC, in SA. Then two of them i have infections on the scar.

If they said “make the third” it will be automatically wish me held the fifth operation, the third SC, because i have no tendency to held VBAC.

That’s too horrible!

Please, be wise to congrate n pray. Maybe thats just a joke or only “basa-basi”, but thats not funny at all. Children, no matter what their gender, they are Allah’s gift. We can’t judge even wish. If i have two sons did they will say the third may girl? Or if i have a boy and a girl did they will have no comment? Wallahua’lam.


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